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    We just added a new server to the lobby which contains the minigame Connect Four.
    The game should be known by almost everyone because it exists for ages in real-life.
    There are several arenas. 3 of them are free to play and the others support bets.
    That means you and your opponent are paying an entry fee and the winner gets that.

    If you want to contribute an arena, feel free to build one on the creative server and post some screenshots of it in the gallery section.
    We might consider adding the arena if it's looking good enough.
  • Mojang's performing a planned maintenance on Tuesday April 14.
    Therefore nobody will be able to join any Minecraft servers.
    Already connected players can play until they disconnect.

    In order to perform some much needed updates to our databases we have decided to schedule a maintenance session. It will take place Tuesday April 14 from 08:00 to 12:00 CEST (UTC+2).

    During the maintenance period you will not be able to log in to Minecraft, Scrolls, or Cobalt. You will also not be able to join Minecraft servers (including Minecraft Realms). Most of our websites will also be unavailable. This does not affect Minecraft: Pocket Edition or the console editions of Minecraft.

    We’re of course sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you. Rest assured that we would not be doing this unless it was absolutely necessary.

    Source: mojang.com/2015/04/planned-maintenance-tuesday-april-14/
  • An Easter bunny was spotted on our survival server! He was hiding colored eggs everywhere.
    Unfortunately we don't know the exact locations of the eggs but according to the information we have, the eggs must be in the marked areas.

    If you find an egg, you will be rewarded with 20 Coins!
    Players who find all of them are rewarded with additional 2000 Coins!
    We have time until Monday, 6th April!

    Also he was talking to several mobs and gave them something!
    It might be worth checking that information.

    There's one rule:
    Be so fair and don't tell others where you found eggs ;) That might ruin the fun for them.
    If you can't follow that little extra rule, we might mute you until the event ends.

    Extra information:
    You don't need any tools/blocks/permissions to reach the eggs.
    Also most of them can be found easily.
  • We just added the /interact command on the survival server.
    That allows you to toggle public interaction with buttons, leavers and preasure plates on/off in protected/claimed chunks.
    Just stand in a chunk you own and type the command. Everyone will now be able to interact with the said blocks in that chunk until you type it again.
    That could be usefull for shops, doors, minigames, etc.

    We might add more flags in the future. They all will be listed in /help region