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  • We proudly announce the opening of our small Minecraft 1.8 server network.
    It was a long and hard road but we finally got there.
    To keep it short, we are only announcing the most relevant information.

    What kind of servers are there?
    • Lobby: Where everyone spawns when they join
    • Hardcore: Our old Hardcore server update to 1.8
    • Survival: A brand new Survival server with PvP turned on

    Some players have colored names. Who are they?
    • They are Staff members.
    • Staff: Limited access to staff commands but can use them on all servers
    • Global Staff: Full access to all commands and can use them on all servers

    What are the commands and how does xy work?
    • There is one command that will explain everything: /help
    • The output is different on all 3 servers. You should type it on all servers at least once.

    Most important: What's the IP?
    • play.rcraft.eu
  • We finally managed to save enough money to buy the newest version of the forum software we are using.
    Also a new design and logo are marking the switch perfect. The old design was totally outdated and boring.

    We managed to import almost everything from the old software.
    - All received Likes
    - Some avatars may be missing (hit "Edit Settings" to change it)
    - Minecraft name has to be set again (the forum will FORCE you to edit your profile until a MC name is set)
    - Timezone settings (hit "Edit Profile" to change it)

    The new software also includes e-mail notifications now. You should provide a valid address if you care about them.
    Hit "Edit Settings" if you want to change your e-mail.

    Another feature is Attachments. You are now able to upload your pictures directly to your thread/post without using a third-party image service.
    Make sure you only upload appropriate content. Otherwise we might just ban your account permanently.
  • Yesterday we had some troubles with our old hosting company.
    They locked our website's space for no reason.
    A decision was made in no time: We switched to a new and more reliable host.
    Unfortunately that threw as a bit back because we had to pay 30€ for the new website host for a full year.

    Also we decided to take down the classic server yesterday because of the non-existent users.
    There were around 2-3 guests a day and that's no reason to keep it up.
    At least we had a great time on it for the last 3 years and some of you are still around!
    The classic section will stay on the forum as an archive (read-only) if want to take a look at some awesome buildings
    every now and then ;)

    Oh and please don't forget to read [Poll] What type of colors do you prefer?
    Also cast your vote there ;)