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  • We just added the /interact command on the survival server.
    That allows you to toggle public interaction with buttons, leavers and preasure plates on/off in protected/claimed chunks.
    Just stand in a chunk you own and type the command. Everyone will now be able to interact with the said blocks in that chunk until you type it again.
    That could be usefull for shops, doors, minigames, etc.

    We might add more flags in the future. They all will be listed in /help region
  • Around 2 weeks ago we asked you if we should replace our Hardcore server with something else.
    Almost everyone voted yes. Also a lot of players were asking if we plan on adding a creative server to the network.
    Well, there you go. Today we replaced the hardcore server with a creative server.

    The server is based on plots like almost every creative server. The size of each one is 256x256.
    Mobs are completly disabled. We all should know why ;) Items on ground despawn after 10 seconds.
    All redstone elements are enabled but being watched constantly by a plugin. We will disable redstone usage
    for players who build a dozen of pointless clocks just to affect the server performance.

    WorldEdit is installed and you can use all aspects of it. To keep the server load low,
    you have to buy time. Each hour of WorldEdit usage costs 200Coins. Check the help for further information.

    A live map can be found here: rCraft Live Maps
    You can click on the plots to see the owner and the id of the plot.

  • We proudly announce the opening of our small Minecraft 1.8 server network.
    It was a long and hard road but we finally got there.
    To keep it short, we are only announcing the most relevant information.

    What kind of servers are there?
    • Lobby: Where everyone spawns when they join
    • Hardcore: Our old Hardcore server update to 1.8
    • Survival: A brand new Survival server with PvP turned on

    Some players have colored names. Who are they?
    • They are Staff members.
    • Staff: Limited access to staff commands but can use them on all servers
    • Global Staff: Full access to all commands and can use them on all servers

    What are the commands and how does xy work?
    • There is one command that will explain everything: /help
    • The output is different on all 3 servers. You should type it on all servers at least once.

    Most important: What's the IP?
    • play.rcraft.eu