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  • We finally managed to save enough money to buy the newest version of the forum software we are using.
    Also a new design and logo are marking the switch perfect. The old design was totally outdated and boring.

    We managed to import almost everything from the old software.
    - All received Likes
    - Some avatars may be missing (hit "Edit Settings" to change it)
    - Minecraft name has to be set again (the forum will FORCE you to edit your profile until a MC name is set)
    - Timezone settings (hit "Edit Profile" to change it)

    The new software also includes e-mail notifications now. You should provide a valid address if you care about them.
    Hit "Edit Settings" if you want to change your e-mail.

    Another feature is Attachments. You are now able to upload your pictures directly to your thread/post without using a third-party image service.
    Make sure you only upload appropriate content. Otherwise we might just ban your account permanently.
  • Yesterday we had some troubles with our old hosting company.
    They locked our website's space for no reason.
    A decision was made in no time: We switched to a new and more reliable host.
    Unfortunately that threw as a bit back because we had to pay 30€ for the new website host for a full year.

    Also we decided to take down the classic server yesterday because of the non-existent users.
    There were around 2-3 guests a day and that's no reason to keep it up.
    At least we had a great time on it for the last 3 years and some of you are still around!
    The classic section will stay on the forum as an archive (read-only) if want to take a look at some awesome buildings
    every now and then ;)

    Oh and please don't forget to read [Poll] What type of colors do you prefer?
    Also cast your vote there ;)
  • Another year went by... way too fast!
    As always, Santa doesn't have much to say because he's busy with all the christmas stuff.
    Therefore... Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true!
    Don't forget to open the last door in our Advent Calendar ;)

    By the way, Santa just got the presents and his reindeers ready and is about to head out!