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  • Mojang just announced the release date of Minecraft 1.9. It will be release on Thursday, 25th of February 2016.
    Check it out here: mojang.com/2016/02/minecraft-19-pre-release-1/

    Server changes with 1.9
    • Survival
      • We will keep the 1.8 survival world as a separate one. You can join it whenever you want but we do not provide any support for it
      • Huge or abandoned redstone circuits will be removed to save ressources
      • 1.8 Nether and End will be completly removed and disabled (You will be able to buy resources at spawn)
      • A live map will be available again but only for 1.9 worlds
      • Fishing and Acrobatics will be removed from McMMO because players were autoclicking and abusing glitches to gain levels.
      • Also some specific blocks like snow or huge mushrooms will no longer count in their respective skills
      • Our custom protection plugin will be slightly changed (more flags etc)
      • A teleport system will be added (TPR/TPA)
      • ... more to be announced
    • Creative
      • We are trying to keep the current creative world and do not plan on deleting it
    • SkyBlock
      • SkyBlock will be removed entirely.
    • Minigame (Connect Four)
      • Will be removed just like SkyBlock

    As you can see we do plan to focus on Survival and Creative. Those will be the only gamemodes in 1.9.
    There might be more again if we come up with a great idea.

    Staff changes
    A lot of our staff members did quit Minecraft a while ago or I wasn't able to reach them
    Therefore we moved them to the "Retired Staff" group for now and will be recruiting new staff.
    As always we will ask you to become part of our team. Do not ask us if you can join.

    VIP packages
    You will keep your previously bought package and all of its perks.
  • We added an advent calendar ingame. To get there just visit the spawn of the Survival server and go through the winter portal.
    The calendar is using the timezone CET to get the current day so it might be different from where you are living at.
    You won't be able to open doors you have missed.