Sticky Read before post ! (Appeals)

    This forum is for ban and mute appeals only.

    We offer an appeal forum so that people who should not be banned or muted can get the action reversed.
    If you were banned or muted for a valid reason, you better have a very good reason why we should unban/unmute you.
    A template will be automatically filled in when you create a new thread. Fill out everything properly.
    If you can't remember all details, visit an search for your name in the top right corner.

    - If you didn't fill out the template properly, an admin may toss you a post asking you to update your appeal if they're feeling nice, but otherwise, it will be ignored.
    - Do not blame your siblings/friends. This will result in immediate locking of your appeal.
    - Logging in with alternative accounts to avoid your penalty will get you banned permanently.
    - Your appeal got denied? Don't worry and try again in a few weeks/months.