x19domi94x - Crafter Application

      Hi, im x19domi94x, im 17 years old and doing an apprenticeship in architecture direction.
      im builder and would like to be crafter

      Here, i present my project "Crocodile-Mountain" :D

      It was not simple the mountain to make it look natural. I have made it as best i could. The project has taken a long time.

      On the first four pictures i show four different views of the mountain
      Here we see the head of the crocodile out of the hill and looks out of his mouth flowing lava.

      Here you can see a other part of the mountain. Its steep going down.

      On the left side we see the tower for the ascent and descent. Right we can see a cave, the lake flows into the cave

      Whole terrain viewed from above.

      In the coming pictures, i will show the castle detailed

      The Castlefront, with slight view of the inner courtyard
      View into the inner courtyard of the castle. There are 4 apartments, a fountain, two gallows and two green areas.

      In a other part from the castle is a little ponch, a bench, some plants, a staircase into the inner courtyard from the castle and a connection to the adjacent towers.

      In this picture you can see the treasure chamber of the castle. It is located directly under the inner courtyard.
      Here are some of the treasures of the castle :D
      This figure represents a dragon and also belongs to the treasure chamber, but its under the chamber. You can look at this through the glass ground, or you can walk the way through the hot lava flowing from the crocodile's head. :)

      On the next pictures I will present some details to the mountain

      Here you can see the tunnel for the bridge through the mountain passes.

      One of two waterfalls.
      Little view in the cave

      Some details such as a bridge, destroyed walls or arches can be seen here.

      Here you can see the second waterfall.
      Also here you can see some details, e.g. a small pavilion in front from the picture, and back in the picture a place to sit down around a fountain.

      The last picture shows the mountain again, this time further away.

      I would show more details / pictures, but the presentation would have been far too long.

      THE END :D

      I hope you have understand my english :D
      This project is - to me - incredibly awesome, because I never would be that patient :D
      I like the way you placed details everywhere, the hidden caves, the building of the slopes, the integration of water and lava, and the fortress on top of "crocodile mountain".

      Domi has always been a nice player. He never gets on someone's nerves and playes by the rules.
      I say: Domi for Crafter :)