Clearing up the confusion

    Clearing up the confusion

    Recon: You never asked for a review. It's not our fault. Oh and we definitly won't review any videos.
    If you want to be reviewed ask an Agent+ ingame.
    Edit: Well you actually asked but you ignored the fact that you have to build more (or more detailed) stuff !

    [img][/img] Quoted

    DivineRight01: your house needs more detailing inside, so i think you should fix and add some details
    This was me asking for a review while I was in game after I finished my build (There were no staff on at the time). Approximately 10 hours before I spoke to DivineRight01 in game. (Chat log from wom)

    [2012-12-28 03:17:32] MrPhintRee: may i be reviewed?
    [2012-12-28 03:17:36] 11jared: blockspamer
    [2012-12-28 03:17:41] ratface101: HOW
    [2012-12-28 03:17:42] 5OO: I need a review too
    [2012-12-28 03:17:44] 5OO: :(

    [2012-12-28 03:17:55] 11jared: behind my houes
    [2012-12-28 03:17:58] nik1155: we need do a flowr now
    [2012-12-28 03:18:02] sbingy: u suck stop griefing!

    After I woke up the next morning I logged on and had a conversation with DivineRight01 telling him about my build and the video I posted on the forum. He then watched the video and that is when he gave me his input Divine if you are reading this please tell Recon I didn't ignore you.
    Here are the wom logs from today: I hilighted my post in blue and Divines in red.

    [2012-12-28 13:34:10] 5OO: DivineRight did you see my post on the forum?
    [2012-12-28 13:34:11] RudeDude64 was kicked by DivineRight01: grief[2012-12-28 13:34:11] Player RudeDude64 left the server.[2012-12-28 13:34:16] ezenoe101: rudedude distroyed my house twice
    [2012-12-28 13:34:19] DivineRight01: yes i saw it, 1 min[2012-12-28 13:34:30] 5OO: ok thanks[2012-12-28 13:34:43] Irish_Potatoes_: what is griefing?
    [2012-12-28 13:34:43] 5OO: take your time :)[2012-12-28 13:34:44] aliriochacin: hola[2012-12-28 13:34:50] Irish_Potatoes_: Im new to this game[2012-12-28 13:35:07] legoboylouis40: like destroying someones house[2012-12-28 13:35:13] ExecutiveKombat: what?[2012-12-28 13:35:21] Player layser21 connected and joined the world guest1.
    [2012-12-28 13:35:24] DivineRight01: 5oo[2012-12-28 13:35:25] Irish_Potatoes_: oh ok thx
    [2012-12-28 13:35:29] 5OO: yes?[2012-12-28 13:35:40] Player librabey left the server.[2012-12-28 13:35:46] zanasxx: how much exactly hours i need to get new rank?[2012-12-28 13:35:50] SMACK_A_HOHO: what do you put to fly
    [2012-12-28 13:35:51] DivineRight01: your house needs more detailing inside, so i
    [2012-12-28 13:35:51] > think you should fix and add some details[2012-12-28 13:35:55] zanasxx: 30-40?[2012-12-28 13:35:56] aliriochacin: quien conoce a Herobrine?[2012-12-28 13:36:04] zanasxx: divineright01 can you review my house[2012-12-28 13:36:04] DivineRight01: English, only[2012-12-28 13:36:05] Le_Spyro: there is no exact time...[2012-12-28 13:36:12] zanasxx: oh, then plz[2012-12-28 13:36:13] zanasxx: now :D[2012-12-28 13:36:17] zanasxx: i build sooooooo much[2012-12-28 13:36:18] Player ldd1 connected and joined the world guest1.[2012-12-28 13:36:21] zanasxx: i cant wait[2012-12-28 13:36:21] Le_Spyro: stop asking about time ... just build and ask for[2012-12-28 13:36:21] > a review[2012-12-28 13:36:22] + Teamspeak 3 server adresse:[2012-12-28 13:36:26] 420alldaze: hi[2012-12-28 13:36:31] zanasxx: okay, can i have a review[2012-12-28 13:36:34] MrPhintRee: 420all wats up with the tnt
    [2012-12-28 13:36:43] *5OO I have to go now, but thank you for your time Divine

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