Who: xXbuzzingXx
    Reason Given:Helped a guest to mae his build.Alot
    Why should we accept your appeal:Well i really like this server.It's funn I made alot of friends.I really like the members.They are good with tips and stuff.I made a mistake.I saw how a newbie was building his build and said to myself wow that gotta be cool i'll help him.After that i got demoted.And after i realised i did something wrong.I didn't respect my rules.I helped him,that was a mistake .I feel sorry for that.I know i did something really bad.I would be rlly happy if i could get back to this server.I made alot of builds on recruit world.And was hoping to become a Veteran.Now i only want to be again a part of this.People who i helped kuba and dogge.Im saying this.AND i promise! i swear i will never but really never do nothing like this.

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