Scary Jokes

      I heard these from school. Enjoy. Some of them are not the same way they described it.

      1. There was a girl who bought a doll from the store. She returned home and went to her room, leaving the doll on the table. Later, the girl came back and saw her parents on the floor, dead. The doll had 2 fingers up, but at the store it had none up. The doll lifts up a finger every time it kills a person.

      2. There was an owner who has a barbie doll. One night, the barbie was creepily saying:

      "I'm on your porch. I'm on the door. I'm in the kitchen. I'm in the 1st step. I'm in the 2nd step. I'm on the 3rd step. I'm on the 4th step. I'm on the 5th step. I'm on the 6th step. I'm on the 7th step. I'm on the 8th step. I'm on the 9th step. I'm on the 10th step. I'm in the 11th step. I'm on the 12th step. I killed your parents. I killed your brother. I am in your room. I am on your bed." And the barbie killed the owner.

      That's all for now. :D
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