What: Banned
    When: 8/11/14 at 23:01
    Who: recon_
    Reason Given: cursing
    Why should we accept your appeal: Erm I looked through all the other appeals and it doesnt seem easy to have one accepted but i will try anyway. I am aware that I have been rude on several occasions and it is not acceptable but it is also really hard for me to control i have minor ADHD so I tend to do random things or say random things and also a slight anger management problem I try my best to stop typing "bullshit" in the chat but like i said it's not easy I would like to come back on the server because I was really enjoying playing on it and put a lot of time and effort into it as well as being able to use it as something to take my mind off of my problems if you give me another chance I will do my best to not curse in chat in fact i simply will not if something gets me wound up I willjust not type anything in chat at all I will simply ignore the person or thing annoying me. I hope you can understand it's not easy dealing with the problems I have and can give me one last chance on your fantastic server. :D