Time for something new

      Time for something new

      Around 2 weeks ago we asked you if we should replace our Hardcore server with something else.
      Almost everyone voted yes. Also a lot of players were asking if we plan on adding a creative server to the network.
      Well, there you go. Today we replaced the hardcore server with a creative server.

      The server is based on plots like almost every creative server. The size of each one is 256x256.
      Mobs are completly disabled. We all should know why ;) Items on ground despawn after 10 seconds.
      All redstone elements are enabled but being watched constantly by a plugin. We will disable redstone usage
      for players who build a dozen of pointless clocks just to affect the server performance.

      WorldEdit is installed and you can use all aspects of it. To keep the server load low,
      you have to buy time. Each hour of WorldEdit usage costs 200Coins. Check the help for further information.

      A live map can be found here: rCraft Live Maps
      You can click on the plots to see the owner and the id of the plot.

      - Santa