BowSassins Gear Shop on the East Road from Spawn.

      BowSassins Gear Shop on the East Road from Spawn.

      The shop is open but it will be fully open with resources around the 5th of march so look out!!!!
      My shop includes a enchanting table which you can pay to use with HEAVY Security to make sure griefers won't grief and ( i will kill you if you do grief and you won't get your gear back and you will be banned from my shop)
      also sell a wide range of enchanted books
      I can sell weapons/enchants with extra costs and i sell armour/enchants with extra costs
      I sell a wide range of food
      Also i can let you into the nether and take you on a tour to the fortress etc.
      The prices are fair and not as much as the items at spawn so you know you will be getting a good deal so i will be looking forward to serving you.
      :) ;)

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