Easter Eggs - Let the hunt begin!

      Easter Eggs - Let the hunt begin!

      An Easter bunny was spotted on our survival server! He was hiding colored eggs everywhere.
      Unfortunately we don't know the exact locations of the eggs but according to the information we have, the eggs must be in the marked areas.

      If you find an egg, you will be rewarded with 20 Coins!
      Players who find all of them are rewarded with additional 2000 Coins!
      We have time until Monday, 6th April!

      Also he was talking to several mobs and gave them something!
      It might be worth checking that information.

      There's one rule:
      Be so fair and don't tell others where you found eggs ;) That might ruin the fun for them.
      If you can't follow that little extra rule, we might mute you until the event ends.

      Extra information:
      You don't need any tools/blocks/permissions to reach the eggs.
      Also most of them can be found easily.