1.9 (more like 1.11) Update status

    1.9 (more like 1.11) Update status

    We will probably be updating to 1.9 (PRERELEASE) around Friday 4th, March.
    Check here for updates.

    March 3rd (2:00PM CET):
    Not sure if we can finish everything until Friday. Need to update a lot of custom plugins we are using.

    March 3rd (8:00PM CET):
    Forgot about the monthly Rust update yesterday which caused some issues as well. Had to sort them out first. Trying to push the update tomorrow.

    March 4th (8:00PM CET):
    Worked on our plugins for a couple of hours and got most of them updated.
    Still needs testing.

    October 9th (2:00AM CET):
    Picked up the work on my protection plugin again to finally finish it.
    Been working on the region plugin all day. Started from scratch some days ago because the old one was just a lightweight version of it and didn't allow me to add things easily without changing tons of code.
    I could just start the server with the lightweight version we had before but there's no way to switch over to the new version because the database structure is completly different.So I prefer getting the full version done with more features before starting a 1.9 world.
    For example, I just added a way to display chunk borders

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    So we are aiming to get this done when 1.11 releases because pushing it now into 1.10.2 would require us to update some plugins again with 1.11.
    Will do that piece by piece which means there will be 1.11 survival only for quite a bit. 1.11 creative will be available at a later point.
    Not sure if we keep the 1.8 worlds open. They are pretty old and overloaded as already mentioned some months ago.
    But we might keep a backup in case you want any buildings to be imported into the 1.11 world.
    Spigot 1.11 was released today, two days earlier than expected.
    Already working on plugin updates. Some are broken but most are still working.

    Trying to figure out if it's possible to keep the 1.8 servers up in the same network with the 1.11 server. That could actually be an issue.
    If there's no way to get it working, I'll just abandon 1.8 for now. Will provide the world on a separate server in case you want to look for buildings which need to be imported.