Howdy !!

      I can't believe after all These years my username still exists within the Server!! XD
      Most of you guys might not know who i am, and i don't even know if anyone is still reading this by now.

      Although I used to frequent the classic Server a lot back in the days. As my Username suggests, i was formerly known as Kushkillaz, a Young and (somewhat) inexperienced builder back in the days, and i believe that hasn't changed even up till now XD.
      Just recently, i created a Premium Account with a Username called Shiobana. For Nostalgia's sake i tried to join the Server but up to no avail. Is there anyone that is still active in MC? If not, a message or two would be great for me to at least know that you guys are still alive and well :) It's been almost a decade and i really wish that i could at least get in touch with somebody here, either with those that already knew me by Name back in the days or someone completely new altogether. A Reply would be extremely appreciated XD

      Kind Regards,

      PS : Für diejenigen, die Deutsch sprechen kannst, wäre nett wenn du mir auf Deutsch beantworten kannst. Ich bin seit 6 Monaten in Deutschland und mochte mein Deutsch verbessern :)
      You never know how great you are until you try your best