Hai, I just wannted to say sorry.

      Hello, I know this will probly get sent to the trash. But I just wannted to say sorry.

      Hai, im 1100000042. I know that im banned from the server, and I have gotten banned before that. I'm sorry for what ive done. I know i said the server sucked to Recon_ but when I said that I was mad.

      I regret the things that i said, i also regret the things that I did, I dont wanna be banned from the server. Yes there are other servers i do go on, and that im higher then op on them. But ive been on this server sence I started even playing minecraft 7 months ago. I should of learnd the rules by then, and i did know them, It was just a dare when i got banned the frist time... Anyways I wannted to say sorry.